Adolescent working one-on-one with camp counselor.

Coaching and Tutoring

We provide a range of individual and family support, targeted specifically to students with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, learning disabilities and other similar traits.*


Our master's level coaches provide mentorship and guidance to help each young person improve their ability to solve problems, navigate social situations and strengthen self-esteem. Often used in combination with traditional therapy, our coaches meet in the home or community settings to build rapport and minimize transportation hassles.


Our tutors meet with students at our locations or in the home to provide academic support. In addition to helping the student progress through their most challenging subjects, our tutors teach them how to track assignments, organize day planners and become more efficient learners.

School Support

Navigating the IEP process can be a stressful experience. Our school consultants are certified special education teachers who collaborate with you and your child's team to foster a positive school environment.

Parent Coaching

Parents of unique learners encounter unique challenges. Our parent coaches provide both office and phone-based meetings to help parents find resources and explore new strategies.

School Consulting

Our social skills group curriculum is implemented in over a dozen special education classrooms at the junior high school level. We have also provided a variety of trainings and consultation services. Special education administrators are invited to contact us.

*If we do not provide a specific service in your area we will help you identify other potential providers.

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